June 21 | Fox News

Residential Market Outlook | In this live town hall discussion with Fox News' Jenna Lee and Dr Dani Babb, Sam Chandan comments on the latest housing data, which show a 3.8 percent drop in existing home sales in May, and his expectations for the newly introduced Emergency Homeowner Loan Program (EHLP). Expectations are low for the EHLP, he explains, in part because distressed homeowners only have until late-July to submit requests for assistance.

June 19 | The Chief Economist at GlobeSt

Banks' Commercial Real Estate Real Estate Owned (REO) by the Numbers | Sam Chandan crunches the numbers on banks' CRE REO holdings, finding that 95 percent of institutions had less than $5 million in commercial properties on their balance sheets at the end of Q1'11. At the other extreme, the nine institutions with the largest REO balances had $2.5 billion of commercial property.

June 16 | The Lead Indicator

Watching the Watchers: The Metrics of the Real Estate Recovery | In Manhattan and other major markets, the consensus at mid-year holds that commercial real estate investment and credit market conditions have improved markedly since last summer. There is a lot of support for this assessment: clear evidence of rising transaction volume; an increasing diversity of lenders extending credit in support of property sales and the refinancing of maturing mortgages; and an uptick in the gross absorption of available space.

June 9 | The Chief Economist on GlobeSt

Quantitative Easing Revisited | The recent spate of negative economic news is motivating downward adjustments in the near-term growth outlook for the US economy, both in the private sector and amongst policymakers.

June 7 | Fox Business Network

Second Mortgage-Holders Saddled with Negative Equity | In this interview with Fox Business' Cheryl Casone and Dennis Kneale, Sam Chandan comments on the sources and current policy alternatives for addressing the large number of home-owners with second mortgages and negative equity in their homes. Few options are available for these homeowners, apart from in-place federal assistance programs. In the current political environment, the Administration is not expected to propose any new programs.

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