July 8 | The Chief Economist on GlobeSt

The Disappointing June Jobs Report | The Bureau of Labor Statistics' report of June employment offers few silver linings for the commercial real estate industry, explains Dr Sam Chandan. As in previous months, job growth in June fell short of levels consistent with sustained improvements in space absorption. While no one month constitutes a trend, the pattern of frustratingly slow recovery remains a qualifier for the fundamentals outlook and current pricing and underwriting activity.

July 6 | National Real Estate Investor

REIT Executive Pay Surpasses Pre-Recession Levels | by Matt Hudgins | A new survey from FTI Consulting shows that REIT CEO compensation increased significantly in 2010, NREI contributing writer Matt Hudgins explains. Commenting on the findings, Dr Sam Chandan adds that "REITs’ access to investor capital and leverage put them in an enviable position in 2010 and helped the sector emerge as the strongest buyers in the market last year ... That positioning, combined with strengthening market caps, is consistent with observable improvements in compensation."

June 30 | GlobeSt

As QE2 Fades, Debate Swirls Around QE3 | by Natalie Dolce | Should we extend the Fed’s purchases of Treasury securities? And if so, what are the attendant risks of growing the central bank’s balance sheet even further? GlobeSt's Natalie Dolce explores this key issue through interviews with a range of industry leaders.

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June 29 | The Chief Economist on GlobeSt

Wide Spread in Banks' CRE Default Rates | 40 percent of banks have CRE default rates of less than 1 percent as of Q1 2011. That is good news for policymakers concerned about the ongoing impact of non-performing property loans on the health and lending capacity of regional and community banks. Balancing this finding, a large minority of institutions still face serious challenges from elevated distress. In the extreme, 75 institutions with $13 billion in CRE loans report default rates of 20 percent or more.

June 29 | Selected Coverage of the Chandan Economics Launch

Selections from the press coverage of Chandan Economics' formal launch on Wednesday, June 29, including articles in Retail Traffic Magazine and the Florida Real Estate Journal.

Retail Traffic Magazine | Real Estate Academic Sam Chandan Launches New Research Firm

Sam Chandan, PhD launched Chandan Economics, a new commercial real estate research firm. The firm will provide analysis of the economy and financial markets and their relationship to commercial real estate.

June 22 | CNBC

The FOMC, Monetary Policy, and the Interest Rate Outlook | On CNBC's The Call, Sam Chandan discusses the most recent monetary policy statement by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), the prospects for a new round of quantitative easing, and the outlook for short- and long-term interest rates. Among the significant adjustments in the Fed's language, Dr Chandan cites Chairman Ben Bernanke's statement that "...