October 11 | National Real Estate Investor

Problem Assets Often Trade in Under-the-Radar Transactions | by Susan Piperato | Private equity firms are increasingly acquiring lender-owned properties through small transactions that the public does not always see, writes National Real Estate Investor's Susan Piperato. These under-the-radar sales allow owners of distressed properties to stay on after buyouts and continue to manage assets.

October 10 | Fox Business Network

Why the Administration’s New Tax Proposals Won’t Create Jobs | Interview with Dagen McDowell | Sam Chandan speaks with Fox Business Networks' Dagen McDowell about the economics of the Administration's latest proposals to spur job creation. While lowering payroll taxes should encourage employment in principle, weak business confidence and concerns about the sustainability of demand in the event of a relapse into recession are constraining payroll expansion.

October 10 | GlobeSt

Kottmeier: Local Employment Data Shows Private Sector Has Grit | by Erika Morphy | The Washington DC area has seen year-over-year growth of 9,400 office-related jobs. This is significant for the region for several reasons, Jeffrey Kottmeier, Vice President and director of research with Cassidy Turley, tells GlobeSt's Erika Morphy. “Many of these jobs were created outside of the federal sector,” he explains.

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October 9 | GlobeSt

Details of September Jobs Report Disappoint | by Sam Chandan | September's employment report surpassed economists’ baseline expectations but still fell woefully short in bolstering confidence that we are on the cusp of a more robust jobs recovery. Private employers expanded payrolls by 137,000 jobs, more than offsetting the anticipated drag from cutbacks in government employment. The private tally included approximately 45,000 Verizon workers who had been on strike the prior month.

October Economic Review

The Limits of Monetary Policy Faced with evidence of a slowing recovery, the Federal Open Market Committee will proceed with a maturity extension program, dubbed Operation Twist in reference to a similar program enacted during the Kennedy Administration. Our analysis suggests that the Fed's purchase of longer-dated securities will have only a minimal impact on interest rates given that they are already at historically low levels with real yields now near or below zero.

October 3 | New York Construction

Reviving the Dead Zones | by Tom Stabile | Contractors, developers and designers face a new sort of project backlog across the New York region today: many hundreds of stalled sites that loom as a steep challenge to the industry. But while dormant sites stand as grim reminders of a weak economy, it is the jobs that are set to restart that are posing new problems ...

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