November 3 | Austin Business Journal

Lenders Eye a Project's Location | by Cody Lyon | Lending conditions are improving even as historical loan performance trends remain mixed, explains Cody Lyon. Among other examples, Lyon cites a $35 million construction loan for RiverView Apartments in Austin made by Bank America. Jones Lang LaSalle Capital Markets' Jimmy Board tells Lyon that banks are among the sources of credit reengaging with borrowers:

November 1 | Multi Housing News

Volume of Delinquent Loans Declines The health of banks' multifamily and commercial real estate balance sheets is improving. In its November edition, Multi Housing News reports on the findings of Chandan Economics' latest analysis of mortgages held by US depository institutions. The default rate on apartment mortgages showed the largest decline, falling to 3.3 percent in the second quarter.

Read the full story in the November digital edition of Multi Housing News magazine.

November 1 | Reuters

Coach Commits to Moving to New York City's Hudson Yards | by Ilaina Jonas | Related Companies' 26-acre development on Manhattan's West Side has announced its first major commitment, explains Ilaina Jonas. Retailer Coach said it intends to purchase 600,000 square feet in one of the project's towers. Construction at Hudson Yards is expected to begin in mid-2012 with completion projected for 2015.

Read the full story at the Reuters website.

October 27 | Snohomish Business Journal

Coming Technology Wave to Sap Real Estate Values | by Tom Hoban | Coast Group's Tom Hoban writes about the role of technology and changing consumer habits in driving economic and labor market outcomes. Hoban explains that some of the changes will prove challenging:

The bad news is that, unlike the roughly 24-month jobless recovery period after the last much shorter recession, the efficiencies coming our way through the cloud and new emerging technologies inside it will be so significant that many economists are anticipating the longest jobless recovery in modern history.

October 18 | Fox News

Refinancing Plan for Struggling Homeowners | Sam Chandan speaks with Fox News' Jenna lee regarding the Administration's most recent proposals for supporting homeowners by expanding access to mortgage refinancing. Dr Chandan explains that the program is limited in its scope since it applies to bank-held mortgages and cases where borrowers with negative equity have remained current on their payments.

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