May 10 | CNBC Squawk Box

Bank Stress Tests Offer Weak Assessment of Tail Risks | Interview with Lisa Oake

Sam Chandan discusses recent monetary policy developments, including comments by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke at the 8th Annual Conference on Bank Structure and Competition, with CNBC's Lisa Oak.

April 27 | Bloomberg & Businessweek

Manhattan Apartment Building Prices at Record High as Rents Jump | by Oshrat Carmiel

Bloomberg writes: Real estate investors competing to buy Manhattan apartment buildings have sent prices to record highs as rental demand surges, reducing yields on the properties to the lowest in more than six years. With cap rate compression at its limit, Sam Chandan contends that gains will be more limited going forward.

April 25 | GlobeSt

The Swirl of Issues in Washington | Interview with Miriam Lamey at ALM's Net Lease 2012

From GlobeSt: RealShare Net Lease Keynote speaker Dr Sam Chandan sat down to provide his take on the “uncertainty” about what’s happening politically in Washington. Chandan noted this confusion was more connected to politics, rather than the business community.

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April 23 | CNBC Squawk Box

Federal Reserve to Keep Door Open on QE3 | Discussion with Martin Soong and Lisa Oake

Ahead of the April 2012 FOMC meeting, Sam Chandan joins CNBC Asia Squawk Box anchors Martin Soong and Lisa Oake for a discussion of US interest rate policy and the likelihood of additional quantitative easing.

April 9 | Bloomberg & Businessweek

Multifamily Bonds Surging to Record as Commercial MBS Fade | by Sarah Mulholland

Bloomberg writes | Bonds backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tied to apartments soared to a record as the government-supported mortgage companies made low-cost loans on rental properties amid a continued slide in home values ... While delinquencies are low, abundant low-cost financing backed by the US government is inflating the values of apartment buildings and threatening to create a bubble, according to a March report by New York-based Chandan Economics.

April 3 | GlobeSt

In Search for Yield, Investors Flock to Net Lease Properties | by Jacqueline Hlavenka

GlobeSt writes | More institutions, pension funds and non-traded REITs are expanding into the triple-net-lease arena in 2012, but as the capital flows into the space, competition for the best properties is heating up. Panelists at ALM Real Estate Media Group’s RealShare Net Lease 2012 conference agreed the NNN sector would continue to see action due to long-term leases, fixed rental growth and favorable cap rates, reflecting the state of today’s slow-growing economy.