July 17 | CNBC Squawk Box

Monetary Policy and the Cost of Political Inaction | Interview with Martin Soong

Sam Chandan spoke with CNBC's Martin Soong regarding monetary policy developments in the United States intended to stimulate growth. Dr Chandan contends that a further reduction in benchmark rates will have a limited impact.

July 12 | Fox News

Is the Housing Bust Over? Will Apartment Demand Survive Its Recovery? | Interview with Jenna Lee

In this interview with Fox News' Jenna Lee, Sam Chandan and Dani Babb discuss the outlook for the housing market and whether a sustainable recovery is now underway.

Watch the video here or at the Fox News website.

July 12 | Fried on Business

Outlook for the US Commercial Real Estate Market | Interview with Jim Fried

Sam Chandan speaks with Fried on Business' Jim Fried about the latest developments in Europe, the reasons for the slowdown in the US economy and labor market, and their implications for the commercial real estate markets.

June 13 | CNBC Squawk Box

The Eurozone Crisis and Its Implications for the Bond Market | Interview with Martin Soong

In this interview with CNBC's Martin Soong, Sam Chandan discusses the implications of a worsening Eurozone crisis for global financial stability and the bond markets.

June 13 | CNBC Squawk Box

The Volcker Rule and the Regulation of US Banks | Interview with Lisa Oake

In this interview with CNBC's Lisa Oake, Sam Chandan discusses some of the challenges in regulating large, complex financial institutions.

June 4 | Mortgage Bankers Association

Default Rates Fall On Banks' Commercial Real Estate | by Michael Tucker

MBA Newslink Reports: The default rate across commercial and multifamily loans held by banks fell to 3.45 percent in the first quarter, the lowest since 2009, reported Chandan Economics, New York. The apartment default rate fell 17 basis points quarter-over-quarter to 2.36 percent, its lowest level since the end of 2008.

Read this article on the Mortgage Bankers Association website at mbaa.org