The Specter of Default: How Safe Are Treasuries?

The soaring United States debt -- about $15.6 trillion -- is financed through the sale of Treasury securities, and these enormous offerings make the U.S. dollar the go-to currency for governments, businesses and investors who need to store reserves with the utmost safety. But the debt cannot continue growing forever, or borrowing costs will deprive the government of money it needs for other purposes. Economists and policy makers -- from right and left -- agree on that.

August 15 | Mortgage Bankers News

Apartment Financing Costs Hit Record Lows in Second Quarter | by Michael Tucker

Mortgage Bankers Association NewsLink reports: Apartment lending standards continued to ease in the second quarter, reported Chandan Economics, New York, reflecting higher property prices, lower cap rates and increasingly robust competition among lenders. "The cost of financing apartment acquisitions and refinancing maturing apartment loans fell to record lows in the second quarter," said Sam Chandan, the firm's president and chief economist.

Q4 2012 Apartment Debt Trends

Apartment Financing Costs Hold to Record Lows in Fourth Quarter
February 2013

August 1 | Multi Housing News

Improving Fundamentals, Prices, and Financing Lifting the Apartment Sector

Multi Housing News reports on sliding default rates for bank-held apartment mortgages. From a peak of 4.7 percent during Q3 2010, the default rate on multifamily loans has fallen to 2.4 percent as of early 2012.

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July 28 |

Weaker Consumer Confidence Weighs on Real Estate Sector | Interview with Matt Bechard

NAREIT writes: "Consumer sentiment continues to be dampened by discouraging financial news, according to Sam Chandan, president and chief economist with Chandan Economics. Chandan spoke about the state of the economy and its impact on commercial real estate in a video interview with in New York at REITWeek 2012: NAREIT’s Investor Forum."

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July 19 | GlobeSt

WIll the LIBOR Scandal Impact Construction Lending | by Jacqueline Hlavenka

GlobeSt writes: After the Barclays Capital scandal shed light on interest rate manipulation by global financial institutions, the impact on commercial real estate sector has yet to be seen. Sam Chandan comments: “We cannot say with complete confidence that LIBOR is being determined fairly and accurately. We can say with confidence that the structure of the LIBOR market - effectively an honor system - affords the possibility of malfeasance."