June 9 | The Chief Economist on GlobeSt

Quantitative Easing Revisited | The recent spate of negative economic news is motivating downward adjustments in the near-term growth outlook for the US economy, both in the private sector and amongst policymakers.

Concerns about the lackluster pace of the domestic recovery and spillovers from disruptions to growth in Japan, the Euro Zone, and the Middle East, coincide with the planned conclusion of the Federal Reserve's second quantitative easing (QE2) program this month. As a result, questions about the efficacy of this unorthodox policy intervention are receiving new attention. Should we extend the Fed's purchases of Treasury securities? And if so, what are the attendant risks of growing the central bank’s balance sheet even further?

Dr Chandan explores the Fed's options and their implications for commercial real estate in his GlobeSt column, Quantitative Easing Revisited.