Chandan on the Housing Market

A selection of recent commentary and interviews on the housing market, the outlook for a housing recovery, and the efficacy of current policy interventions.

February 22 2012 | Housing Is Improving But Access to Mortgages Is Not

Sam Chandan speaks with Fox Business Network's Connell McShane regarding home sales data for January.

January 26 2012 | What's Keeping Buyers Out of the Housing Market?

Sam Chandan speaks with Fox Business Network's Cheryl Casone regarding the states' $25 billion settlement with the nation's five largest mortgage lenders.

December 21 2011 | National Association of Realtors Revises Down Home Sales Data

Sam Chandan speaks with Fox Business Network's Ashley Webster regarding a sharp downward revision in home sales data by the National Association of Realtors.

November 21 2011 | Signs Housing May be Hitting Bottom?

Sam Chandan speaks with Fox Business Network's Connell McShane regarding new data that shows rising existing home sales. In spite of historically low mortgage rates, rising rents, and improving housing affordability, the increase in sales activity has been subdued.

October 24 2011 | Will Record-Low Residential Mortgage Rates Reignite Housing?

The 30-year residential mortgage rate fell below 4 percent in early October, the lowest level in the 4 decades that Freddie Mac has maintained records. The current decline in the mortgage rate does not reflect an improving outlook for the housing market. Rather, it captures that global financial markets’ elevated risk aversion pushed the Treasury rate to its own record lows in late-September and early-October. Irrespective of cause, lower mortgage rates make homeownership more affordable ceteris paribus. Will the current decline reignite housing?

Read the full story at the Axiometrics website.

October 18 2011 | Refinancing Plan for Struggling Homeowners

Sam Chandan speaks with Fox News' Jenna lee regarding the Administration's most recent proposals for supporting homeowners by expanding access to mortgage refinancing. Dr Chandan explains that the program is limited in its scope since it applies to bank-held mortgages and cases where borrowers with negative equity have remained current on their payments.

July 31 2011 | Is the Bloom Off the Homeownership Rose?

Pointing out that the national homeownership rate has fallen to a 13-year low, Jerry Ascierto asks if the shift represents a cyclical move away from ownership or a structural adjustment. In response, Sam Chandan offers that "there’s no evidence at this point to support the definitive thesis that young American households are permanently biased away from homeownership." Still, apartments benefits in the long run, he says, because of changes in the structure of housing finance that will keep more people in the rental fold.

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